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Button Widget Helpers
[Widget Library]


struct  button_state_descriptor_t
struct  display_compositor_t< Control, UserData >


typedef boost::function< void(const
any_regular_t &, const
dictionary_t &)> 
typedef std::vector
< button_state_descriptor_t > 


template<typename ButtonStateRange >
< ButtonStateRange >::type 
button_default_state (ButtonStateRange &range)
template<typename ButtonStateRange >
< ButtonStateRange >::type 
button_modifier_state (ButtonStateRange &range, modifiers_t modifier_mask, modifiers_t modifiers)
template<typename Control , typename UserData >
display_compositor_t< Control,
UserData > * 
make_display_compositor (Control &control, UserData index)
modifiers_t name_to_modifer (name_t name)
modifiers_t value_to_modifier (const any_regular_t &modifier_set)

Detailed Description

The following are a collection of algorithms and data structures that assist in the creation of a button_t widget.

Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::function<void (const any_regular_t&, const dictionary_t&)> button_hit_proc_t

The button_hit_proc_t is the function signature required for a client callback proc that wants to receive notification from a button widget that a latch has been fired.

Definition at line 60 of file button_helper.hpp.

typedef std::vector<button_state_descriptor_t> button_state_set_t

This is simply a vector of button state descriptors. It can be used to ease in the construction of a button_t widget.

Definition at line 127 of file button_helper.hpp.

Function Documentation

boost::range_iterator<ButtonStateRange>::type adobe::button_default_state ( ButtonStateRange &  range )
setis the set of button state candidates.
Given a set of state candidates, will return the representative state for when the user has no modifier keys depressed.

Definition at line 226 of file button_helper.hpp.

boost::range_iterator<ButtonStateRange>::type adobe::button_modifier_state ( ButtonStateRange &  range,
modifiers_t  modifier_mask,
modifiers_t  modifiers 
setis the set of button state candidates.
modifier_maskis the related mask to be used for this button_t
modifiersis the bitflag of modifier keys currently held down by the user
Given a modifier mask and modifier key set, will return the relevant button state from a set of possible states.

Definition at line 197 of file button_helper.hpp.

display_compositor_t<Control, UserData>* adobe::make_display_compositor ( Control &  control,
UserData  index 

A utility proc to create a display_compositor_t for a given button state

controlis the button to which this struct will apply
indexspecifies which of all the button states this compositor will represent

Definition at line 319 of file button_helper.hpp.

modifiers_t adobe::name_to_modifer ( name_t  name )


nameis the name of the modifier keys depressed
a modifier bitflag value representing the modifier keys depressed.
modifiers_t adobe::value_to_modifier ( const any_regular_t &  modifier_set )
modifier_setthe modifier key(s). Expected to be either a singleton name_t or an array_t of name_t.
the specified modifier keys as represented by the modifiers_t enumeration.

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