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display_compositor_t< Control, UserData > Struct Template Reference
[Button Widget Helpers]

#include <button_helper.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef any_regular_t model_type

Public Member Functions

void display (const any_regular_t &to_value)
 display_compositor_t (Control &control, UserData user_data)

Detailed Description

template<typename Control, typename UserData>
struct adobe::display_compositor_t< Control, UserData >

This struct is a utility struct that gives a button_t widget the ability to model a View for the property model. Because a button_t is a set of latches, this struct acts as a shim between the property model and the series of potential latches for any given button.

This struct is commonly used during the factory construction of the button to bind it to a property model.

Model Of:

Definition at line 276 of file button_helper.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

The model type for this view

Definition at line 279 of file button_helper.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

display_compositor_t ( Control &  control,
UserData  user_data 
controlis the button to which this struct will apply
user_datais a client-specified type for user information

Definition at line 285 of file button_helper.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void display ( const any_regular_t to_value )
to_valuethe value to be rerouted to button_t::set for the relevant button

Definition at line 292 of file button_helper.hpp.

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