Welcome to the home of the C++ Performance Benchmark suite

The benchmarks and web site are maintained by Chris Cox.

Primary Goals

  • To help compiler vendors identify places where they may be able to improve the performance of the code they generate.

  • To help developers understand the performance impact of using different data types, operations, and C++ langugage features with their target compilers and OSes.

Secondary Goals

  • To take performance problems found in real world code and turn them into benchmarks for compiler vendors and other developers to learn from.

  • Keep the benchmark code and build environment portable to as many compilers and OSes as possible.

  • Not to use specialized optimization flags per test.


Recent News

December 8, 2008 - second public release
The benchmark code can be downloaded from C++Benchmarks.zip, and release notes can be found on our Wiki.

I appreciate any help you can provide to improve the portability of the benchmark code.

May 5, 2008 - first public release
The first public release identified a few more portability issues, which were fixed a few days later.

Multiple compiler writers identified and fixed bugs in their code based on the benchmarks.

April 2008 - preview release sent to select compiler vendors
The first release outside Adobe: to get feedback on content, style, and issues found with certain compilers.

So far I have received replies from 3 vendors, and 2 of them have found and fixed significant bugs based on the benchmark code.

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