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struct  edit_number_t
 Edit number widget. More...
struct  metric_extractor_t
 Utility class to access widget metrics for the Macintosh. More...


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 Widget Reference
 Button Widget Helpers
 Image Button Widget Helpers
 Number Unit Descriptor Utilities
 Mac Widget Metrics


void align_slices (extents_t::slice_t &slice_one, extents_t::slice_t slice_two)
platform_display_type get_top_level_window (platform_display_type display_element)
void report_error (const std::string &error)
void set_error_handler (const error_handler_proc_t &proc)
name_t state_cell_unique_name ()
void system_beep ()

Function Documentation

void adobe::align_slices ( extents_t::slice_t &  slice_one,
extents_t::slice_t  slice_two 

This utility function takes two rectangle slices and "aligns" them by the first point of interest (for a vertical slice, the baseline). It takes the first slice as a reference, and modifies it such that it's height can accommodate the aligned slices.

This function does NOT touch frame, inset and outset values! They might be invalid once the function has returned.

slice_onethe first slice to align, and the one which is modified.
slice_twothe slice to align with the first slice.
platform_display_type adobe::get_top_level_window ( platform_display_type  display_element )

A utility function that, given a platform display variable (a control, dialog, widget, etc.) will return the top-level window that contains it. The implementation is platform-specific.

display_elementis the element whose parent is to be returned
the parent of the display element passed
void adobe::report_error ( const std::string &  error )

Used to report an error through the ui_core_error_handler proc

void adobe::set_error_handler ( const error_handler_proc_t &  proc )

Use this to specify the callback used in the case when a UI element returns an error of some kind. Note that this is only a service provided to the mac community because clients are unable to throw across the event loop. Our typical error handling strategy should be throw/catch, but the Mac is limited in this regard so we provide this alternative.

name_t adobe::state_cell_unique_name (  )

A utility function for the widgets that allows them to have cells within the layout sheet that are "unlikely" to be trampled on by other widgets. This is accomplished by returning a unique cell name to be used by a widget. The unique name is incremented and prepended with a builtin zuid to prevent collisions with other cell names.

a name likely to be unique when used as a cell name within a sheet.
void adobe::system_beep (  )

Causes the computer to beep once. Current implementations only exist for Mac and Windows.

Definition at line 146 of file widget_utils.hpp.

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