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bad_cast Class Reference
[ABI-Safe type_info]

An exception class thrown during ASL failures to cast. More...

#include <typeinfo.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 bad_cast ()
 bad_cast (const std::type_info &from, const std::type_info &to)
 bad_cast (const bad_cast &)
 bad_cast (const type_info_t &from, const type_info_t &to)
bad_castoperator= (const bad_cast &)
virtual const char * what () const throw ()
virtual ~bad_cast () throw ()

Detailed Description

adobe::bad_cast is a decendant of std::exception. It is intended to provide detailed type information regarding the parameters into a cast that failed. If no typeid() information was used to construct the object, it simply relays "bad_cast".

Definition at line 379 of file typeinfo.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

bad_cast (  )
bad_cast ( const std::type_info &  from,
const std::type_info &  to 
bad_cast ( const type_info_t from,
const type_info_t to 
fromtypeid() result for the source object.
totypeid() result for the destination type.
bad_cast ( const bad_cast  )
virtual ~bad_cast (  ) throw () [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

bad_cast& operator= ( const bad_cast  )
virtual const char* what (  ) const throw () [virtual]
  • The string "bad_cast"
  • A string detailing the source and destination types that could not be cast successfully.

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