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Edit text widget.

#include <platform_edit_text.hpp>

List of all members.

Public Types

typedef boost::function< void(modifiers_t)> edit_text_label_hit_proc_t
typedef boost::function< void(const
std::string &, bool &)> 
typedef edit_text_model_type model_type
typedef std::string model_type
typedef edit_text_post_edit_proc_t setter_type
typedef boost::function< void(const
model_type &)> 

Public Member Functions

void display (const model_type &)
 edit_text_t (const edit_text_ctor_block_t &block)
 edit_text_t (const edit_text_ctor_block_t &block)
void enable (bool active)
label_tget_label ()
long get_window_style () const
void initialize (HWND parent)
void measure (extents_t &result)
void monitor (setter_type proc)
void place (const place_data_t &place_data)
void set_field_text (const std::string &text)
void set_selection (long start_char, long end_char)
void set_static_disabled (bool is_static_disabled)
void set_theme (theme_t theme)
void signal_label_hit (edit_text_label_hit_proc_t proc)
void signal_pre_edit (edit_text_pre_edit_proc_t proc)
Placeable Concept Operations

See the Placeable concept and placeable::hpp for more information.

void measure (extents_t &result)
void place (const place_data_t &place_data)
View Concept Operations

See the View concept and view::hpp for more information.

void display (const model_type &text)
Controller Concept Operations

See the Controller concept and controller::hpp for more information.

void monitor (const setter_type &proc)
void enable (bool make_active)

Public Attributes

std::string alt_text_m
long characters_m
long cols_m
HWND control_m
long edit_baseline_m
long edit_height_m
std::wstring field_text_m
edit_text_label_hit_proc_t label_hit_proc_m
long max_cols_m
label_t name_m
bool password_m
setter_type post_edit_proc_m
edit_text_pre_edit_proc_t pre_edit_proc_m
long rows_m
bool scrollable_m
long static_baseline_m
long static_height_m
theme_t theme_m
bool type_2_debounce_m
bool using_label_m
std::string value_m

Detailed Description

Definition at line 67 of file macintosh/adobe/future/widgets/headers/platform_edit_text.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::function<void (const std::string&, bool&)> edit_text_pre_edit_proc_t
typedef edit_text_model_type model_type

model type for this widget

Definition at line 70 of file macintosh/adobe/future/widgets/headers/platform_edit_text.hpp.

typedef std::string model_type
typedef edit_text_post_edit_proc_t setter_type

monitor proc callback type for this widget

Definition at line 73 of file macintosh/adobe/future/widgets/headers/platform_edit_text.hpp.

typedef boost::function<void (const model_type&)> setter_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

edit_text_t ( const edit_text_ctor_block_t block ) [explicit]

constructor. Takes an edit_text_ctor_block_t, which is a huge block-o-data

edit_text_t ( const edit_text_ctor_block_t block )

Member Function Documentation

void display ( const model_type text )
void display ( const model_type  )
void enable ( bool  make_active )
void enable ( bool  active )
label_t& get_label (  )
long get_window_style (  ) const

Recalculate the style which should be given as the Window style of the edit control.

the window style which should be applied to control_m.
void initialize ( HWND  parent )
void measure ( extents_t result )
void measure ( extents_t result )
void monitor ( setter_type  proc )
void monitor ( const setter_type proc )
void place ( const place_data_t place_data )
void place ( const place_data_t place_data )
void set_field_text ( const std::string &  text )
void set_selection ( long  start_char,
long  end_char 
void set_static_disabled ( bool  is_static_disabled )
void set_theme ( theme_t  theme )
void signal_label_hit ( edit_text_label_hit_proc_t  proc )
void signal_pre_edit ( edit_text_pre_edit_proc_t  proc )

Member Data Documentation

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