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Detailed Description

A model of the Placeable concept is an item that can be measured and placed within a visual space.

Refinement Of:
Associated Types:
Extents Type typename placeable_extents_type<Placeable>::type Models adobe::extents_t. Used by the Placeable to relate the minimum visual extents it requires in order to be placed correctly.
Placement Data Type typename placement_data_type<Placeable>::type Models adobe::place_data_t. Contains the derived information necessary for the Placeable to position itself within the visual space
Need concepts for extents and placement data
T A type that is a model of Placeable
t Object of type T
e Object of type Placeable::extents_type
p Object of type Placeable::placement_data_type
Valid Expressions:
NameExpressionType requirementsReturn type
Measure measure(t, e); e is a reference parameter that on return must contain the calculated horizontal and vertical extents of t within the visual space void
Place place(t, p); p contains the calculated horizontal and vertical extents of t within the visual space void
Expression Semantics:
Place place(t, p); p must not be less than the minimum extents specified by measure Places t within the visual space according to p t is properly placed within the visual space
Complexity Guarantees:
Type(s) Modeling this Concept:
  • Most user interface elements are Placeable, in that they need to be measured before they can be placed appropriately within the dialog to which they belong.
See Also:
concept_placeable, measure, place
    Placeable_t             p;

    adobe::extents_t h;
    measure(p, h);

    adobe::place_data_t(/*initialized with h and actual placement location*/);

    place(p, d);

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