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Member adobe::exists (const C &c, const typename C::key_type &k)
(sparent) : If we developed the idea of an associative range then we could generalize this to sorted vectors. This would then consume std::binary_search().

Member adobe::operator<< (std::ostream &s, const boost::gil::rgba8_image_t &image)
replace this with something correct.

Member adobe::selection_copy (const Selection &x, const ForwardRange &range, OutputIterator output)
(fbrereto) this looks eerily familiar to selection_foreach; they can probably collapse with an "assign and advance" iterator adaptor wrapped over the output iterator.

Member adobe::to_pinned_base_value (double scaled_value, const unit_t &unit, double min, double max)
the min and max values should come from the unit_t instead of parameters.

Class any_iterator
(sparent) A future extension would be to include a tuple of "known types" into the interface which would be stored in a variant and eliminate the need for the heap allocation except for unknown types.

Class any_regular_t
The reliance of any_regular_t on type promotion is current problematic and really ammounts to a poor-mans approach to refinements. In this case the desired functionality is to be able to extract something which models a number regardless of the actual numeric type stored. The feature becomes especially important if serialization happens between the writer and reader. This is still an open problem.

Group asl_xstring
(fbrereto) The language code should be obtained at runtime instead of hard-coded to 'en-us'

Class closed_hash_set< T, KeyTransform, Hash, Pred, A >
  • re-order parameters so key_function is after comparison - to be consistent with lower_bound.

Group concept_placeable
Need concepts for extents and placement data

Group concept_placeable_twopass
Need concepts for extents and placement data

Class edit_number_t::controller_t
document me

Class edit_number_t::view_t
document me

Class edit_number_unit_subwidget_t
document me

Group expression_reference

(sparent) : Lexical conventions for hexadecimal constants may be added in the future.

(sparent) : The % operator is left over from Eve1 which supported only integer arithmetic. It will likely be redefined in the future to be a proper floating point modulus.

(sparent) : [move this discussion down to a section on evaluating sheets.] The tracking of "considered" in Adam is currently handled at too course a granularity, an item is considered if is evaluated - there are some interesting issues with short circuit booleans - for example, for logical-or if the second operand evaluates to true - the value of the first operand doesn't matter. Was it considered? Similarly, does it contribute to the result. The answer today is yes for both of these but this may be revisited.

(sparent) : Allowing for operator overloading on external types is a possible future extension.

Class extents_t
(fbrereto) We need a better name than extents_t

Member find_parent
(sparent) Open question if precondition should be checked and and function return traveler. This would rely on a "check root" for travelers.

Class layout_attributes_t
(sparent) : We have a mechanism for defaulting container attributes. This needs to be extended to view attributes such as supressing guides.

Member layout_attributes_t::slice_t::suppress_m
(sparent) Currently only implemented cross stream

Class mem_data_t< T, R >
(sparent) Propose this addition back to Boost.

Class name_t

The complexity of construction of a name_t is currently O(log(n)). An efficient hash implementation may improve efficiency.

Serialization support for name_t is not complete, but can be enabled by defining ADOBE_SERIALIZATION.

Group right_to_left_layout
(sparent) : At this point, no right-to-left languages are supported by the Begin example application. I believe the necessary support is now in the layout library, we'll be testing by implementing RTL language support in Begin soon.

Member sheet_t::add_relation (const line_position_t &position, const array_t &conditional, const relation_t *first, const relation_t *last)
(sparent) : A warning should be issued if the system is over constrained and no relations are evaluated but currently isn't.

Member sheet_t::touch (const name_t *first, const name_t *last)
(sparent) : I think that touch relationships will eventually need to be descriped within the sheet as opposed to simply being an imperative action for proper scripting. Also, a facility for user controlled touching which effects a collection of cells on any set operation should be added.

Member tab_group_t::widget_type_t
remove me

Class table_index< Key, T, Transform, Compare >
(sparent) note here on why not auto sort.

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