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The concept Regular is the basic concept which allows for equational reasoning about code. Each of the sub-concepts which it refines are interconnected by the axioms which cannot be expressed until combined here.

Refinement Of:
Valid Expressions:
All expressions that match the above concepts are valid.
Expression Semantics:
Given type T which models Regular and an action zap() which always modifies it's parameter:
  • T a = b; assert(a == b); copies are equal
  • T a; a = b; is equivalent to T a(b); relate copy and assignment
  • T a = c; T b = c; a = d; assert(b==c); copies are disjoint
  • T a = c; T b = c; zap(a); assert(b==c && a!=b); copies don't intersect
Type(s) Modeling this Concept:
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