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Instructions for downloading GIL

Download a Stand-Alone Version

The latest stable version of GIL can be obtained as a stand-alone library. The GIL core consists of a collection of C++ header files and depends only on boost.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download a version of boost from
  2. Make sure boost is in your include path. You don't need to compile boost if you use it just for GIL.

  3. Download GIL 2.1.1 from here:
  4. Place the boost/gil directory into the boost header directory and the libs/gil directory into the boost/libs directory.

  5. (Optional) If you need support for reading and writing images, you will need to download the corresponding image libraries:
    • To use JPEG: Compile and link against libjpeg.lib (available at Make sure jpeglib.h is in your include path.
    • To use TIFF: Compile and link against libtiff.lib (available at Make sure tiffio.h is in your include path.
    • To use PNG: Compile and link against libpng.lib (available at Make sure png.h is in your include path.

  6. (Optional) We also have an algorithm extension to GIL which allows you do resampling and convolution. You should place the extension in GIL's extension folder. See GIL's example files for sample code using the extension. Note: The algorithm extension is in a very early stage of development; it is not documented and has not been optimized for performance. Would you like to contribute an improved version?

Download a version through the Adobe Open Source Libraries

GIL is also part of the Adobe Open Source Library. Therefore, you will get GIL (and Boost) if you download the latest ASL. Check out for instructions on how to obtain ASL. This is the recommended method if you use other parts of ASL together with GIL. By installing ASL you skip steps 1 and 2 above.

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