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platform_metrics.hpp File Reference

#include <adobe/config.hpp>
#include <windows.h>
#include <adobe/extents.hpp>
#include <adobe/future/widgets/headers/widget_utils.hpp>
#include <uxtheme.h>
#include <tmschema.h>
#include <string>

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namespace  adobe
namespace  adobe::metrics




extents_t compose_measurements (const SIZE *widget_size, const MARGINS *widget_margins, const TEXTMETRIC *font_metrics, const RECT *text_extents, const int *border)
void draw_parent_background (HWND window, HDC dc)
bool get_button_text_margins (int widget_type, RECT &out_margins)
bool get_font (int widget_type, LOGFONTW &out_font)
bool get_font_metrics (int widget_type, TEXTMETRIC &out_metrics)
bool get_integer (int widget_type, int measurement, int &out_val)
bool get_margins (int widget_type, MARGINS &out_margins)
bool get_size (int widget_type, THEMESIZE measurement, SIZE &out_size)
bool get_text_extents (int widget_type, std::wstring text, RECT &out_extents, const RECT *in_extents=NULL)
extents_t measure (HWND window, int platform_placeable_type)
extents_t measure_text (const std::string &text, HWND window, int platform_placeable_type)
void set_theme_name (const WCHAR *theme_name)
bool set_window (HWND window)
bool using_styles ()

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