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place_data_t::slice_t Class Reference
[Layout Engine]

Element geometry for a single orientation of place_data_t.

#include <adobe/layout_attributes.hpp>

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Public Attributes

guide_set_t guide_set_m
int length_m
pair_long_t outset_m
int position_m

Detailed Description

Definition at line 135 of file layout_attributes.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

guides are the same as the guides values described in adobe::extents_t::slice_t::guide_set_m. However now the values have been modified to coincide with other guide values presented to the engine. These guide values will ensure points of interest in this placeable object will "snap" to points of interest in other placeable objects.

Definition at line 144 of file layout_attributes.hpp.

length is the "active content" of the placeable object, and is also the space in which child placeable objects will be placed (if there are any).

Definition at line 141 of file layout_attributes.hpp.

outset is the same as the outset value described in adobe::extents_t::slice_t::outset_m. However because the outset can bleed through a parent placeable object, it is possible for the outset of any given placeable object to change during layout. Therefore this calculated outset value is returned to the client for proper placement of outset-affected placeable objects.

Definition at line 143 of file layout_attributes.hpp.

position is a point representing the top-left corner of the placeable object. The point can either be relative to the top-left point of the topmost view or the top-left point of the parent view depending on which option was specified to the engine at layout time.
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Definition at line 142 of file layout_attributes.hpp.

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