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#include <modal_dialog_interface.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

dialog_result_toperator= (const dialog_result_t &x)

Public Attributes

dictionary_t command_m
dictionary_t display_state_m
dictionary_t record_m
name_t terminating_action_m

Detailed Description

This is the struct returned by the handle_dialog API.

Definition at line 82 of file modal_dialog_interface.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

dialog_result_t& operator= ( const dialog_result_t x )

Definition at line 84 of file modal_dialog_interface.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

Contains the complete parameter set necessary to execute the function of which this dialog is intended to collect the parameters. While using handle_dialog it is assumed that there exists in the Adam model an output cell called result that will be fetched and whose value will be stuffed into this dictionary. Note the implication there is that the result cell itself is a dictionary of values.

Definition at line 128 of file modal_dialog_interface.hpp.

Retained information as it pertains to the visual layout of the view (window location, size, etc.) and also as it pertains to the basic model of the view (what tab(s) are currently selected, what the state of other basic sheet cells are, etc.)

Definition at line 117 of file modal_dialog_interface.hpp.

The set and touched record pair that need to be stored in order to script the dialog to re-execute the command that is being returned (also in this struct). Note that this record information stores the "intention" of the user, and may vary greatly from the actual values needed by the command in order to execute. This information is more "accurate" than the parameters needed for this instance of the execution because the input values may vary for a command from instance to instance, but retaining the intention of the user assures that they get what they want out of the command based on the parameters they explicitly set. Note that this information can be round-tripped over multiple instantiations of the handle_dialog API, resulting in a new instance of the dialog having the same intent with which the previous instance left off (aka previous values are retained).

Definition at line 109 of file modal_dialog_interface.hpp.

The name of the action that was used to terminate (close) the dialog. See the Action Callback section of this documentation for more information on how this value is set at runtime.

Definition at line 135 of file modal_dialog_interface.hpp.

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