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with_transform< ArgStream, Transformer > Struct Template Reference

#include <arg_stream.hpp>

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struct  has_entry_if_has_inverse_lookup
struct  has_entry_if_has_inverse_lookup< Class, R, true >
struct  has_inverse_lookup
struct  has_transform

Public Types

typedef ArgStream arg_stream_type
typedef Transformer transformer_type
typedef ArgStream value_type

Public Member Functions

 ADOBE_HAS_TEMPLATE1_IMPL (arg_stream_inverse_lookup)
bool eof ()
template<typename R >
get_next_arg ()
template<typename R >
transforming_get (typename boost::enable_if< has_transform< Transformer, R > >::type *dummy=0)
template<typename R >
transforming_get (typename boost::disable_if< has_transform< Transformer, R > >::type *dummy=0)
 with_transform (ArgStream &as, Transformer &trans)

Public Attributes

ArgStream & argstream
Transformer & transformer

Detailed Description

template<typename ArgStream, typename Transformer>
struct adobe::arg_stream::with_transform< ArgStream, Transformer >

Definition at line 479 of file arg_stream.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ArgStream arg_stream_type

Definition at line 507 of file arg_stream.hpp.

typedef Transformer transformer_type

Definition at line 508 of file arg_stream.hpp.

typedef ArgStream value_type

Definition at line 506 of file arg_stream.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

with_transform ( ArgStream &  as,
Transformer &  trans 

Definition at line 513 of file arg_stream.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

ADOBE_HAS_TEMPLATE1_IMPL ( arg_stream_inverse_lookup   )
bool eof (  )

Definition at line 517 of file arg_stream.hpp.

R get_next_arg (  )

Definition at line 535 of file arg_stream.hpp.

R transforming_get ( typename boost::enable_if< has_transform< Transformer, R > >::type *  dummy = 0 )

Definition at line 523 of file arg_stream.hpp.

R transforming_get ( typename boost::disable_if< has_transform< Transformer, R > >::type *  dummy = 0 )

Definition at line 529 of file arg_stream.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

ArgStream& argstream

Definition at line 510 of file arg_stream.hpp.

Transformer& transformer

Definition at line 511 of file arg_stream.hpp.

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