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adobe::dictionary_arg_stream_detail Namespace Reference


struct  function_not_present
struct  has_get_dictionary_entry_function
struct  has_get_dictionary_entry_template
struct  if_range_base
struct  if_range_base< std::nothrow_t, false >
struct  if_range_base< void, false >
struct  if_range_base< void, true >
struct  if_range_else_key
struct  is_range_for_dictionary
struct  key_type< Dictionary, DefaultKey, false >
struct  key_type< Dictionary, DefaultKey, true >
struct  member_test_helper




function_not_present get_dictionary_entry (...)
static const int test

Function Documentation

adobe::dictionary_arg_stream_detail::ADOBE_HAS_TYPE_IMPL ( key_type   )

Variable Documentation

const int test [static]

Definition at line 220 of file dictionary_arg_stream.hpp.

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