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Layout Library Parser
[Layout Library (Eve)]


struct  eve_callback_suite_t


line_position_t parse (std::istream &in, const line_position_t &, const eve_callback_suite_t::position_t &, const eve_callback_suite_t &)

Function Documentation

adobe::line_position_t parse ( std::istream &  in,
const line_position_t &  line_position,
const eve_callback_suite_t::position_t &  position,
const eve_callback_suite_t &  assembler 

The layout library parsing function.

inThe input stream to be parsed.
line_positionThe starting line position.
positionThe initial client-specific data to be used for the root view declaration(s).
assemblerThe client-defined callback functions to be called whenever a new cell declaration or view definition is encountered.
adobe::stream_error_tThrown upon parsing failure. See documentation on adobe::stream_error_t for more information about this type.
Stream position information regarding where the parse finished.

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