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Drag and Drop Converter Concept
[User-Supported (Platform) Libraries]

DragAndDropConverter concept requirement.


struct  dnd_converter_dest_type< Converter >
struct  dnd_converter_source_type< Converter >
struct  DragAndDropConverterConcept< DragAndDropConverter >
 DragAndDropConverter concept requirement. More...
struct  DragAndDropConverterConcept< boost::reference_wrapper< DragAndDropConverter > >


template<class DNDC >
dnd_converter_dest_type< DNDC >
convert (const DNDC &dndc, const typename dnd_converter_source_type< DNDC >::type &raw_value)

Function Documentation

dnd_converter_dest_type<DNDC>::type adobe::convert ( const DNDC &  dndc,
const typename dnd_converter_source_type< DNDC >::type &  raw_value 

Definition at line 59 of file drag_and_drop_converter_concept.hpp.

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