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cursor.hpp File Reference

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typedef struct
_opaque_adobe_cursor_t * 


void delete_cursor (adobe_cursor_t cursor)
adobe_cursor_t make_cursor (const char *cursor_path, float hot_spot_x, float hot_spot_y)
adobe_cursor_t pop_cursor ()
void push_cursor (adobe_cursor_t cursor)
void reset_cursor ()

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _opaque_adobe_cursor_t* adobe_cursor_t

Definition at line 14 of file cursor.hpp.

Function Documentation

void delete_cursor ( adobe_cursor_t  cursor )
adobe_cursor_t make_cursor ( const char *  cursor_path,
float  hot_spot_x,
float  hot_spot_y 
adobe_cursor_t pop_cursor (  )
void push_cursor ( adobe_cursor_t  cursor )
void reset_cursor (  )

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