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#include <class_template.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef int my_associated_type_t

Public Member Functions

 my_class_t ()
adobe::my_return_t my_function (const adobe::my_parameter_t &a, const adobe::my_parameter_t &b)

Public Attributes

my_associated_type_t my_variable_m

Related Functions

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adobe::my_return_t related_non_member_function ()

Detailed Description

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        #include <adobe/my_class_t.hpp>

        my_class_t my_class;

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Definition at line 3 of file class_template.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

This is the documentation for a typedef declared within my_class_t.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

my_class_t (  )

Default constructor. See DefaultConstructible.

Member Function Documentation

adobe::my_return_t my_function ( const adobe::my_parameter_t &  a,
const adobe::my_parameter_t &  b 

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bThis is the documentation for the second parameter
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std::my_exception_tThrown when you instantiate this object.
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Friends And Related Function Documentation

adobe::my_return_t related_non_member_function (  ) [related]

A one-line synopsis of this member function.

This function is somehow related to adobe::my_class_t, but isn't a member function for the class itself.

Member Data Documentation

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Definition at line 13 of file class_template.hpp.

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