array_t Class Reference

#include <adobe/array.hpp>

Detailed Description

array_t is an array of heterogeneous types. array_t is copy-on-write, intended for usage where copies are frequent, but writing is infrequent. Constructing an empty array will never throw an exception - no allocations are required until something is stored into it. Likewise, copying with assignment or copy constructor will not throw.

Model Of:
When copy-on-write semantics are not important, it is advised to use std::vector<adobe::any_regular_t> or another container type instead of array_t.

[1] Because an array_t is copy-on-write, modifications through an iterator are not supported except via back_insert_iterator.

A tutorial for array_t is available.


class  back_insert_iterator
 a back insert iterator for appending to array_t. More...

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