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A type is EqualityComparable if objects of that type can be compared for equality using operator==, and if operator== is an equivalence relation.

Refinement Of:
Associated Types:
X A type that is a model of EqualityComparable
x, y, z Object of type X
Valid Expressions:
NameExpressionType requirementsReturn type
Equality x == y   Convertible to bool
Inequality x != y   Convertible to bool
Expression Semantics:
Equality x == y x and y are in the domain of ==    
Inequality x != y x and y are in the domain of == Equivalent to !(x == y)  
Complexity Guarantees:
Identity &x == &y implies x == y
Reflexivity x == x
Symmetry x == y implies y == x
Transitivity x == y and y == z implies x == z
Type(s) Modeling this Concept:
  • int
  • std::vector<T>
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