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Multiplies<T> [1] is a functors. Specifically, it is an AdaptableBinaryFunction. If f is an object of class multiplies<T> and x and y are objects of class T, then f(x,y) returns x*y.


Each element in V3 will be the product of the corresponding elements in V1 and V2

const int N = 1000;
Vector<double> V1(N);
Vector<double> V2(N);
Vector<double> V3(N);

iota(V1.begin(), V1.end(), 1);
fill(V2.begin(), V2.end(), 75);

assert(V2.size() >= V1.size() && V3.size() >= V1.size());
transform(V1.begin(), V1.end(), V2.begin(), V3.begin(),


Defined in the standard header functional, and in the nonstandard backward-compatibility header function.h.

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default
T The function object's argument type and result type.  

Model of

AdaptableBinaryFunction, DefaultConstructible

Type requirements

T must be a numeric type; if x and y are objects of type T, then x*y must be defined and must have a return type that is convertible to T. T must be Assignable.

Public base classes

binary_function<T, T, T>


Member Where defined Description
first_argument_type AdaptableBinaryFunction The type of the first argument: T
second_argument_type AdaptableBinaryFunction The type of the second argument: T
result_type AdaptableBinaryFunction The type of the result: T
T operator()(const T& x, const T& y) AdaptableBinaryFunction Function call operator. The return value is x * y.
multiplies() [1] DefaultConstructible The default constructor.

New members

All of multiplies's members are defined in the AdaptableBinaryFunction and DefaultConstructible requirements. Multiplies does not introduce any new members.


[1] Warning: the name of this function object has been changed from times to multiplies. The name was changed for two reasons. First, it is called multiplies in the C++ standard. Second, the name times conflicts with a function in the Unix header <sys/times.h>.

See also

The functors overview, AdaptableBinaryFunction, binary_function, plus, minus, divides, modulus, negate

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