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memory.hpp File Reference

#include <adobe/config.hpp>
#include <cassert>
#include <functional>
#include <memory>
#include <boost/utility/enable_if.hpp>
#include <boost/type_traits/is_const.hpp>
#include <adobe/conversion.hpp>
#include <adobe/functional.hpp>
#include <adobe/memory_fwd.hpp>
#include <adobe/move.hpp>

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struct  aligned_storage< T >
class  auto_ptr< X, Traits >
 The adobe::auto_ptr<> template adds a number of extensions to std::auto_ptr<>. More...
class  auto_resource< X, Traits >
 The template class auto_resource< X, Traits > provides similar functionality to auto_ptr for resources for which the pointer is opaque refered to by a non-pointer type. More...
class  capture_allocator< T >
class  capture_allocator< void >
struct  auto_ptr< X, Traits >::clear_type
struct  auto_resource< X, Traits >::clear_type
struct  delete_ptr_trait< T * >
struct  delete_ptr_trait< T(*)[]>
struct  empty_ptr< T * >
struct  empty_ptr< T(*)[]>
struct  auto_ptr< X, Traits >::error_on_const_auto_type< auto_ptr< Y, typename traits_type::template rebind< Y * >::other > const >
struct  auto_resource< X, Traits >::error_on_const_auto_type< auto_resource< Y, typename traits_type::template rebind< Y >::other > const >
struct  new_delete_t
struct  ptr_traits< auto_ptr< T, Traits > >
struct  ptr_traits< auto_resource< T, Traits > >
struct  ptr_traits< std::auto_ptr< T > >
struct  ptr_traits< T * >
 This section defines requirements on classes representing pointer traits. The template class ptr_traits< ptrT > is defined along with several specializations. More...
struct  ptr_traits< T(*)[]>
struct  capture_allocator< T >::rebind< U >
struct  capture_allocator< void >::rebind< U >
struct  ptr_traits< std::auto_ptr< T > >::rebind< U >
struct  ptr_traits< T * >::rebind< U >
struct  ptr_traits< T(*)[]>::rebind< U >
struct  runtime_cast_t< R, auto_ptr< T, Traits > >
struct  runtime_cast_t< R, auto_resource< T, Traits > >
struct  runtime_cast_t< R, std::auto_ptr< T > >


namespace  adobe
namespace  adobe::version_1


template<typename T >
void construct (T *p)
template<typename T >
void construct (T *p, T x)
template<typename F >
void destroy (F f, F l)
template<typename T >
void destroy (T *p)
template<typename I , typename F >
uninitialized_move (I f, I l, F r)


const new_delete_t local_new_delete_g

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