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Detailed Description

This is the documentation template for a concept within ASL. Make sure when you instantiate the template to change the group to which the documentation belongs from asl_documentation_templates to asl_concepts.

Refinement Of:
Associated Types:
A brief description of the new types and any requirements that may be laid upon them in general
New associated type X::new_associated_type A description of the new associated type
T A type that is a model of DocumentationTemplateForAConcept
t Object of type T
  • Terminology, etc., that we should be aware of
Valid Expressions:
NameExpressionType requirementsReturn type
Equality t == t   Convertible to bool
Expression Semantics:
Equality x == y x and y are in the domain of ==    
Complexity Guarantees:
Reflexivity x == x must be true.
Type(s) Modeling this Concept:
  • Enumerate a sample of types / functions that model the concept documented here.
  • [1] Any notes cited above should be enumerated in this section, and can be linked to by <a name='1'>link</a>.
See Also:
    DocumentationTemplateForAConcept t;;

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