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Detailed Description

All algorithms have been grouped by algorithm "families" in the adobe/algorithm/ folder. The header file adobe/algorithm.hpp is a top-level inclusion of all the header files in the algorithm folder.

To improve build times and minimize global dependency issues, it is recommended that you include only the algorithm family(ies) that you need for a given source/header file.

STL algorithms which have been adapted to use models of ConvertibleToRange and ConvertibleToFunction for convenience.

We have also added several new variants of algorithms. Currently there is not suppor for all variants for all algorithms but it is our intention to provide them. Specifically:

  • algorithm_n - range is specified with an iterator, i, and an integral type, n, representing the range [i, i + n).
  • algorithm_bounded - rather than an OutputIterator a mutable ForwardRange specifies the destination and the algorithm ends when either the source or destination are exhausted. The returned value of such algorithms is a pair of the last source and destination iterators.
  • Algorithms which take a comparison function can also talke a unary function which is a projection to a key value.
The following algorithms differ from their STL counterparts. Read the documentation before using.
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