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conversion.hpp File Reference

#include <adobe/config.hpp>
#include <string>
#include <adobe/string_fwd.hpp>

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class  promote< T >
 A struct for compile-time type promotion. More...
struct  promote< const char * >
struct  promote< float >
struct  promote< int >
struct  promote< long >
struct  promote< short >
struct  promote< std::string >
struct  promote< unsigned int >
struct  promote< unsigned long >
struct  promote< unsigned short >
struct  runtime_cast_t< R, T >


namespace  adobe


template<typename lht , typename rht >
lht explicit_cast (const rht &rhs)
template<typename T >
T & remove_const (const T &x)
template<typename R , typename T >
bool runtime_cast (const T &x, R &r)
template<typename R , typename T >
runtime_cast (T *x)
template<typename R , typename T >
runtime_cast (T &x)

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