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amg.ExtensionModule Class Reference

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Detailed Description

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Public Member Functions

function ExtensionModule ()
function loadModule (swfModule:String, baseRefUrl:String)
function parseMediaGroup (xmlMediaGroup:XMLNode)
function mapHasLoaded ()
function dispatchEvent (eventName:String, eventValue:Object)
function setHeightWidth (h:Number, w:Number)

Public Attributes

var LoadingClip:MovieClip
var _iControlWidth:Number
var _iControlHeight:Number
var _oNodeContext:XMLNode
var strBaseRefUrl:String=""

Package Functions

function onLoadInit (target_mc:MovieClip)

Private Attributes

var Background:MovieClip
var mcLoader:MovieClipLoader
var ExtensionClip:MovieClip
var Extension:MovieClip

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

function amg.ExtensionModule.ExtensionModule (  ) 

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Member Function Documentation

function amg.ExtensionModule.dispatchEvent ( eventName:String  ,

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function amg.ExtensionModule.loadModule ( swfModule:String  ,

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function amg.ExtensionModule.mapHasLoaded (  ) 

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function amg.ExtensionModule.onLoadInit ( target_mc:MovieClip   )  [package]

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function amg.ExtensionModule.parseMediaGroup ( xmlMediaGroup:XMLNode   ) 

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function amg.ExtensionModule.setHeightWidth ( h:Number  ,

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Member Data Documentation

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