pixel_iterator.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

pixel iterator support

Lubomir Bourdev and Hailin Jin
Adobe Systems Incorporated
May 16, 2006

#include <cassert>
#include <iterator>
#include "gil_config.hpp"
#include "gil_concept.hpp"
#include "pixel.hpp"

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namespace  boost
namespace  boost::gil


struct  is_iterator_adaptor
 metafunction predicate determining whether the given iterator is a plain one or an adaptor over another iterator. Examples of adaptors are the step iterator and the dereference iterator adaptor. More...
struct  iterator_is_mutable
 Metafunction predicate returning whether the given iterator allows for changing its values. More...
struct  byte_to_memunit


template<typename P>
ptrdiff_t boost::gil::memunit_step (const P *)
template<typename P>
std::ptrdiff_t boost::gil::memunit_distance (const P *p1, const P *p2)
template<typename P>
P * boost::gil::memunit_advanced (const P *p, std::ptrdiff_t diff)
template<typename P>
void boost::gil::memunit_advance (P *&p, std::ptrdiff_t diff)
template<typename P>
P & boost::gil::memunit_advanced_ref (P *p, std::ptrdiff_t diff)

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