dereference_iterator_adaptor Class Template Reference

#include <pixel_iterator_adaptor.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename Iterator, typename DFn>
class boost::gil::dereference_iterator_adaptor< Iterator, DFn >

An adaptor over an existing iterator that provides for custom filter on dereferencing the object. Models: IteratorAdaptorConcept, PixelIteratorConcept.

Public Types

typedef iterator_adaptor<
Iterator, DFn >, Iterator,
typename DFn::value_type,
use_default, typename DFn::reference,
use_default > 
typedef DFn::result_type reference
typedef std::iterator_traits<
Iterator >::difference_type 
typedef DFn dereference_fn

Public Member Functions

template<typename Iterator1>
 dereference_iterator_adaptor (const dereference_iterator_adaptor< Iterator1, DFn > &dit)
 dereference_iterator_adaptor (Iterator it, DFn deref_fn=DFn())
template<typename Iterator1, typename DFn1>
 dereference_iterator_adaptor (const dereference_iterator_adaptor< Iterator1, DFn1 > &it)
reference operator[] (difference_type d) const
bool operator> (const dereference_iterator_adaptor &p) const
bool operator< (const dereference_iterator_adaptor &p) const
bool operator>= (const dereference_iterator_adaptor &p) const
bool operator<= (const dereference_iterator_adaptor &p) const
bool operator== (const dereference_iterator_adaptor &p) const
bool operator!= (const dereference_iterator_adaptor &p) const
Iterator & base ()
const Iterator & base () const
const DFn & deref_fn () const


class dereference_iterator_adaptor
class boost::iterator_core_access

Member Function Documentation

reference operator[] difference_type  d  )  const [inline]

For some reason operator[] provided by iterator_facade returns a custom class that is convertible to reference We require our own reference because it is registered in iterator_traits

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