deref_compose Class Template Reference

#include <utilities.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for deref_compose:

deref_base< deref_compose< D1::const_t, D2::const_t >, D1::value_type, D1::reference, D1::const_reference, D2::argument_type, D1::result_type, D1::is_mutable &&D2::is_mutable > List of all members.

Detailed Description

template<typename D1, typename D2>
class boost::gil::deref_compose< D1, D2 >

Composes two dereference function objects. Similar to std::unary_compose but needs to pull some typedefs from the component types. Models: PixelDereferenceAdaptorConcept.

Public Types

typedef D2::argument_type argument_type
typedef D1::result_type result_type

Public Member Functions

 deref_compose (const D1 &x, const D2 &y)
 deref_compose (const deref_compose &dc)
template<typename _D1, typename _D2>
 deref_compose (const deref_compose< _D1, _D2 > &dc)
result_type operator() (argument_type x) const
result_type operator() (argument_type x)

Public Attributes

D1 _fn1
D2 _fn2

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