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Adobe's open source web site is the home for the Adobe Source Libraries (ASL) and information about other Adobe open source projects.

ASL provides peer-reviewed and portable C++ source libraries. The libraries are intended to be widely useful, leveraging and extending both the C++ Standard Library and the Boost Libraries.

opensource.adobe.com is maintained by Sean Parent, Mat Marcus and Foster Brereton.

This portion of the web site is place where users of the Adobe Source Libraries can collaborate on everything that pertains both to their development and to the development of technologies that leverage it.

Please see the changes page for a list of the Wiki pages that have been modified or added recently.


2006/04/24 -- Relate Your Success in Using the Adobe Source Libraries

The Adobe Source Libraries have been used with success within Adobe applications to increase robustness and correctness of code. As developers of an open source project, we are confident that there are other success stories outside of Adobe as well. We encourage you to contribute a success story of your own:

  • What is the name of your project?
  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • What led you to choose ASL?
  • Was ASL used from the start of the project? If not, how did its inclusion impact your project? How does using ASL affect your project development as a whole?
  • How large is your project?
  • How would you rate the success of your project?
  • Is there any other interesting information worth sharing?

Submissions will be included in a success stories web page on the opensource.adobe.com site. You can submit a success story by emailing Foster Brereton at fbrereto _at_ adobe _dot_ com.

2006/01/06 -- CVS Trouble

We're having trouble with the CVS update. The commit of all the updated files failed, and files that were scheduled for commit but weren't are now being rejected by the server for upload. Until the problem is resolved please refrain from using the CVS servers. Thanks. 2006/01/09 8:00:00 PST Update It would seem some files that were missing before are in fact there. I'll try to verify the integrity of the CVS files ASAP. 2006/01/09 11:45:00 PST Update I have checked in the files that are missing or changed for the CVS release. If anyone out there is using CVS snapshots and is having trouble, please email me (fosterbrereton at users dot sourceforge dot net) -- Foster

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