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Required Software

Programs you will need (both from a command line):

  • rsync (a *nix utility that comes with Mac OS X and can be installed for cygwin)
  • ssh (PuTTY for Win32 works fine)


  1. Build the doxygen documentation on your computer, making sure the warning file is empty at the end
  2. Open a command line terminal (all commands take place in the terminal)
  3. Assuming your ASL sources are stored at ~/opensource/, execute the following rsync command:
    • rsync -az --progress ~/opensource/submission/adobe/documentation/html/ cmsprod.corp.adobe.com:/iwmnt/us/main/opensource/WORKAREA/default/ ; echo "rsync done."
    • You may get some permission warnings for some directories like "." -- those are ok
  4. When the rsync is complete, ssh to cmsprod.corp.adobe.com with your LDAP username and password
  5. One-time setup: Create the "asl_deploy.sh" script in your home directory on cmsprod.corp.adobe.com (see script contents below) and run chmod a+x asl_deploy.sh so it can be executed. Make sure "USERNAME" in the script is replaced with your personal user name.
  6. Execute the "asl_deploy.sh" script. If you get any errors OTHER THAN notifications saying a file is the same/similar as one that already exists, the update will not complete.
  7. After about 10-15 minutes you should see the public web site updated.



rm /user/USERNAME/dummy.txt

cd /iwmnt/us/main/opensource/WORKAREA/default

find . -print > /user/USERNAME/dummy.txt

chmod 644 /user/USERNAME/dummy.txt

/usr/iw-home/local/AdobeUtil/Deploy/content-deploy --target=P --deploy-ID=opensource --file-list=/user/USERNAME/dummy.txt

echo "done."