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We hope to have Perforce serving up the sources to the Adobe open source project soon enough. In the meantime we are documenting our release process to make it easier for more folks to get the job done. Hopefully when we get Perforce up and running externally this will make more sense.

  • Rev adobe/config.hpp with new version number
  • Rev asl_net_setup scripts with new version number
  • Update patch_boost if a new version of boost has been released
  • Update the boost patch file
  • Update the read_me with the new release date and build instruction modifications
  • Update the release_notes with the latest revision information
  • Update main news page with new highlights
    • Check dates and release version number are correct
  • Upload to SourceForge 6 files
    • Adobe Begin binary with examples (mac/win)
    • asl_net_setup (mac/win)
    • tgz of the sources
    • zip of the sources
  • Update the utility scripts (p4checkout) if need be
  • Update with new documentation
  • Update internal website with new documentation
  • Notify version tracking websites:
    • freshmeat
    • versiontracker
    • macupdate
  • Post a news blurb on our !SourceForge home page
  • Push the new release //release/... on Perforce
  • [[UpdateSourceLibrary][Update the internal perforce server.]]
  • Mail an announcement to