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This documentation is written with the ASL 1.0.23 distribution in mind.

Building ASL : Requirements

In order to build ASL, the requirements are as follows:

  • A working IDE installation of:
    • GCC 3.4.4 or better (cygwin)
    • GCC 4.0.1 or better (MacOS X)
    • MSVC 8.0 or better (Win32)
    • MSVC 8 Express (additional instructions needed to get MSVC 8 Express ready to build ASL; Please see below.)
  • A patched copy of Boost 1.33.1 distribution
  • A copy of the latest ASL distribution
  • A dose of patience

If you are Inside Adobe

Within Adobe the Software Technology Lab maintains Perforce servers for distributions of both Boost and the Adobe Source Libraries. This is the preferred method of downloading ASL within Adobe, as the Boost sources are already patched and placed correctly. Please see the STLab website for more information on getting ASL this way.

The rest of this document is not for you.

Building the Libraries Automatically

Two automated net install scripts have been written to ease in the downloading and building of the Adobe Source Libraries. Given a development environment, these scripts will do all the downloading, patching and building necessary to get a working build of ASL and Adobe Begin on your computer.

The Windows version can be downloaded from:\_{VERSION}\_net_setup.bat

The *NIX (including Mac OS X) version can be downloaded from:\_{VERSION}\

Please note that {VERSION} in the download URL should be replaced with the version you see at the top of this file. (e.g., 1.0.23)

You may only run these scripts from a directory having no spaces or unusual characters in the path. This is due to a bjam restriction that will cause some of the tests to fail during the build process.

The rest of this document is not for you.

Building the Libraries Automatically

Obtaining and Patching Boost