GitHub Migration and Status

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ASL is now available on github at github/stlab/legacy

The plan is to breakup ASL into separate libraries following the boost modular library structure (github/boost-lib)

We are following the gitflow model of development <>

I'm (sean_parent) currently working only XCode from the XCode projects. The Begin test app can currently be build with XCode 4.5.2.

To setup a build:

 1. clone the legacy repository and switch to the development branch
 2. download boost 1.52.0 from
 3. create a symlink to your boost directory inside the legacy directory (here is the command from my worksheet):
   ln -s ~/development/third_party/boost_1_52_0 ~/development/github/stlab/legacy/boost_libraries
 4. Open the project at adobe_platform_libraries/xcode_ide/begin.xcodproj
 5. Select the begin scheme and run.