Dynamic Libraries

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[This page is being used to collaborate on a paper. You are welcome to read and comment on it, but consider it a work in progress, not a final product.]

Title: Dynamic Library Support for C++

Authors: Sean Parent, Mat Marcus




Basic Use Cases

Separate Compilation (Revision Locked)

Upgradable Component (Not Revision Locked)

Plug-In Component

Dynamic Library Issues

Standard ABI

Name Mangling


Exception Handling

Replacement Operators

Symbol Visibility

Inline Functions and Template Instantiations

Exported Templates

Library Versioning

Multiple Versions in Same Application

Issues with New Language Features?

Related Work

[1] N1400 Toward standardization of dynamic libraries, Matt Austern

[2] N1418 Dynamic Libraries in C++ Notes from the Technical Session in Santa Cruz, Oct. 21, 2002, Pete Becker

[3] N1428 Draft Proposal for Dynamic Libraries in C++, Pete Becker

[4] N1496 Draft Proposal for Dynamic Libraries in C++ (Revision 1), Pete Becker

[5] N2117 Minimal Dynamic Library Support, Lawrence Crowl