Adding an Adobe internal client

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This is the steps I use to add an Adobe client to ASL. These are executed on a Mac.

# create the user

set uid=<ldap user name>

ldapsearch -LLL -h -x -b "o=Adobe Systems, c=US" "uid="${uid} mail cn | \
   sed -e "1s/.*/User: "${uid}"/" -e "s/^mail:/Email:/" -e "s/^cn:/FullName:/" | \
   p4 user -i -f

set pwd=`echo "secret phrase"${uid} | md5 | sed -e "1s/\(.\{8\}\).*/\1/"`

p4passwd.expect ${uid} ${pwd}

open -a "mailto:"${uid}""${uid}"%0Apassword:%20"${pwd}"%0A%0AYou%20must%20change%20your%20password%20before%20access%20is%20allowed."

# add the user to the group

p4 group library_users

# check in their form

p4 add //source_library/forms/completed/using_<product>_<version>.pdf
p4 submit

# add the user to the asl-users mail list (sends welcome message).

open -a Safari ""