Detailed Description

A heterogeneous pixel reference used to represent non-byte-aligned pixels. Models PixelConcept.


unsigned char data=0;

// A mutable reference to a 6-bit BGR pixel in "123" format (1 bit for red, 2 bits for green, 3 bits for blue)
typedef const bit_aligned_pixel_reference<mpl::vector3_c<int,1,2,3>, rgb_layout_t, true>  rgb123_ref_t;

// create the pixel reference at bit offset 2
// (i.e. red = [2], green = [3,4], blue = [5,6,7] bits)
rgb123_ref_t ref(&data, 2); 
get_color(ref, red_t()) = 1;
assert(data == 0x04);
get_color(ref, green_t()) = 3;
assert(data == 0x1C);
get_color(ref, blue_t()) = 7;
assert(data == 0xFC);


struct  bit_aligned_pixel_reference
 Heterogeneous pixel reference corresponding to non-byte-aligned bit range. Models ColorBaseConcept, PixelConcept, PixelBasedConcept. More...

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